The international company, founded in 1994, is managed by Architect Amos Brandeis .
The company employs professionals in the fields of architecture, urban and regional planning, landscape design, geography and project management. We work with sub-contractors and consultants from all environmental and planning fields.

The company, based in Israel, provides comprehensive plans and solutions for environmental, ecological, regional, urban, rural and social problems worldwide. It is involved in the planning, management and implementation of master plans, outline schemes and detailed plans of regions and projects. The plans are at the local, district and regional levels. Most of them are comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and large-scale plans which are aimed at healing the environment or revitalizing and restoring natural, artificial and constructed areas. We specialize in conducting planning that involves public participation, including capacity building and bringing people from different backgrounds together around one consent plan. Our main success in this respect is the Alexander River Restoration Project, which became a unique bridge between Israelis and Palestinians, cooperating on an environmental project which knows no political borders.

Amos Brandeis, former Chairman of Israel planners Association (February 2006 - Februart 2012), and International Ambassador of the International Riverfoundation (IRF, Australia), is often invited as a consultant or as the keynote speaker on restoration planning and environmental projects all over the world. The firm has won several awards, including the 2003 International Riverprize (Brisbane, Australia), which is considered to be one of the most prestigious environmental and restoration awards in the world.

CV of Amos Brandeis

Architect Amos Brandeis

Architect Amos Brandeis