Amos Brandeis is the principal of Amos Brandeis Architecture, Urban & Regional Planning Ltd. and the Chairman of Israel Planners Association (IPA). He is a distinguished keynote speaker at national and international events on diverse subjects in Management and Planning of Environmental Projects. The topics of his lectures include: River Restoration & Watershed; Landfill Rehabilitation & Recycling; Urban Renewal and Regional Planning; Rural and Agricultural Communities Regeneration; Ecotourism and Public Outreach. In his presentations Mr. Brandies introduces concepts in planning processes with comprehensive approaches to solutions of environmental issues; practical strategies such as common environmental problems as platform to bridge between people (re: Peace Park); and discusses specific projects the office is involved with.

Amos Brandeis has been awarded over fifteen prizes in the course of his professional work and academic studies. Among other achievements, he was selected by the professional journal "Mivnim" as "Man of the Year 1999" in architecture and town planning. The Alexander River project, which Architect Amos Brandeis has been planning and leading since 1995, has won five major awards and extensive international acclaim among them Magshim ("Implementer") Award from the Council of Beautiful Israel (CBI), presented by the president of Israel in May 2001 and First Prize of RiverPrize 2003, Brisbane Australia, the world's most important competition for river management and restoration .

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Presentation at IWA Conference, Morocco, 2004

Presentation in Australia, 2001