Landfill Restoration & Recycling

The problem of the treatment of waste and recycling is a global problem with severe local impact. Indeed, all countries are subject to the problem of waste that has been dumped in the past and that is still produced in growing quantities, causing severe environmental problems that require urgent solutions. Even if we cannot see part of the adverse effects, because they are underground or hidden in the backyard, they do indeed exist and continue to cause contamination. The common solutions of hiding the landfills without restoring the old ones, treating the newest ones and enhancing the recycling are simply not acceptable anymore. 

The company specializes in the preparation of comprehensive plans dealing with all aspects of the restoration of old landfills and operating landfills. 

We do not attempt to hide the problems, but to find sustainable, safe, reasonable, economical, practical and feasible solutions. These are not one-dimensional solutions, but a definition of an overall strategy with practical recommendations for implementation. We lead a professional team comprising professionals from all of the various disciplines, aimed at achieving the right balance. We also plan recycling parks and recycling facilities, including the introduction of cutting-edge recycling technologies for the different kinds of waste. 
Hiriya Landfill
עמוס ברנדייס - אדריכלות ותכנון עירוני ואזורי בעמ
Hiriya Recycling Park
עמוס ברנדייס - אדריכלות ותכנון עירוני ואזורי בעמ
עמוס ברנדייס - אדריכלות ותכנון עירוני ואזורי בעמ