Most cities have degraded areas that require revitalization or renewal. In many cases, these areas are near the center, thus limiting the urban functioning and revival of the city. In other cities, new parts are being planned. It is important that they meet not only the specific needs of their residents, but also the overall urban structure and functioning requirements.

The company specializes in urban renewal projects which are planned from a comprehensive and holistic approach. As the first step, we study the existing and future urban structure and define the planning principles at all levels.

This is done in accordance with the interdisciplinary attitude of urban planning as well as with the approach of urban design and architecture. We try to heal, improve and give hope to degraded areas, by developing more sustainable existing neighborhoods or zones, or planning new ones. We have prepared quite a few large-scale and also small-scale urban plans. As Chief Architect of the Nazareth 2000 plan at Rahammimoff's office, we worked for five years on the exciting urban renewal plan for the holy city of Nazareth. This project included an overall plan for the old city of Nazareth, an implementation plan and working as the chief architect responsible for more than 15 different projects to renew this city for the year 2000, at a total cost of over US$ 60 million (implementation only).

Another exciting plan we have prepared and are now implementing, as Chief Architect, is the plan for the enlargement of the largest Bedouin city in the Negev Desert. We prepared, together with local people, a master plan for 12,000 housing units, outline schemes for 4,500 housing units and implementation (now under construction) of 3,500 housing units.

On the Mediterranean shore, in the city of Netanya, we have designed a large-scale plan to remove a huge landfill and build a new neighborhood of 2,000 housing units and a few hotels, with a promenade along the sea. This project is an example of urban renewal in an area that has been degraded due to an environmental nuisance in the middle of the city.
In other cities, such as Nahariya and Yavne, we have prepared urban renewal plans for the downtown zones.

Our RAHAT project won the ISOCARP Awards for excellence 2011 - First Prize in the "Strategic Planning" Category.

Planning the Largest Bedouin City in the World
Coexistence in the Middle East.
ISOCARP Awards for excellence 2011 - First Prize in the "Strategic Planning" Category.

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Tel Aviv Policy plan for the southern part of Jaffa Policy plan for the southern part of Jaffa (building blocks built in the 1950's).
Nazareth The holy City Nazareth
Map of Nazareth 2000 (Rahamimoff Architects)
Urban plan for Bedouin City
Implementation of the city in the desert
Renewal of landfill - new waterfront
New neighborhood at landfill site