Tourism is the growing economy of this millennium. Tourists have a very large variety of fascinating places around the globe which can be easily visited with the growing accessibility and the change in the global economy. This means that tourism planning must be much more sophisticated than in the past. Based on a thorough study of the existing and potential tourists to a specific area or site, unique tourism development must be planned. The main keys for success are usually uniqueness and diversity. Similar things can be said about the planning of leisure time activities within cities or metropolitan areas.

As Chief Architect of the Nazareth 2000 plan at Rahammimoff's office, for five years we worked on the exciting urban renewal plan for the holy city of Nazareth. This project included an overall plan for the old city of Nazareth, an implementation plan and working as the chief architect responsible for more than 15 different projects to renew this city for the year 2000, at a total cost of over US$ 60 million (implementation only).

For the tourist city of Nahariya, we devised an overall tourism plan, together with the tourist expert, Mr. Emanuel Alon, comparing the city's rich tourism past with the poor tourism there of recent times. An overall strategy is needed.

The Alexander River Restoration Project comprises a plethora of leisure time activities, including seven public parks that were already developed and a large variety of leisure time activities (such as restaurants, horse farms, bicycle riding, outdoor recreational activities, etc.). Over 300,000 people visit this project annually.

We have also planned a specific tourist project, similar to a tourist village, in a very unique location in northern Israel (Nurit, on the edge of Gilboa mountain), which incorporates a unique tourist park with restaurants, artists' workshops, guest rooms, etc. This is going to be built in the near future.
We have also planned an ecological tourist village with a fantastic view of the Sea of Galilee (not yet built).

Alexander River
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Nazareth - A holy touristic city
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Hotels and tourists attractions in the seashore
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