The professional work of our company has received extensive coverage in the international media on five continents, especially our award-winning "Alexander River Restoration Project".

The following link is to an academic paper written by
Arch. Amos Brandeis International Water Association (IWA)
"Restoration and Management of degraded river basins - The Alexander River case study, 2005"
The following links are to a selection of articles written about us and our work:

ISOCARP - Rahat - Planning the Largest Bedouin City in the World - Coexistence in the Middle East (2013)
Rahat, Israel - Participatory planning for a Bedouin city (Urban Solutions, Singapore, 2013)
ISOCARP Awards for excellence 2011 - First Prize in the "Strategic Planning" Category.
Rahat - Planning the Largest Bedouin City in the World. Coexistence in the Middle East.
Bahan Water Reservoir, May 2008
Haaretz Newspaper,February, 2008
Australia Jewish News, 2007
Ser, 2006
Jerusalem Post, June 2006
Even sewage is not free of politics, May, 2006
Ecological warrior captured by project, 2006
Israelis and Palestinians Clean up Rivers to Save Endangered Turtles, Improve Drinking Water, 2005
Zaragoza, Spain, September, 2005
Liberation, May 2005
Liberation, April 2005
New York Times, March 2004
River Restoration Centre, March 2004
Surface Water, Sep. 2004
Jerusalem Post,2003
Water for Peace in the Middle East - An Interview with Amos Brandeis,27.12.2003
Alexander River Clean Up wins International Thiess Prize, 2003

ABC Radio Interview, Sydney Australia, 2004