Selected presentations given by Architect Amos Brandeis:

ISOCARP - UPAT's workshop - Organic Regeneration of the Historic Downtown of Shantou China 2013
Personal presentation of Rahat Urban Project to the president of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres Israel 2012
Pushchino - Tutor of ISOCARP and RUPA National Young Planners Urban Workshop Russia 2012
Dead Sea Hotel Managers workshop Israel 2012
Chairman and moderator of the plenary session and of the "The Big Debate" of Israel Planners Associations' annual conference (550 participants) Israel 2012
River waterfront China 2011
The Value of rivers as a bridge between people in the middle else and elsewhere Australia 2011
Large Scale Projects Slovenia 2010
Introduction to River Restoration and to the Rivers and Streams in Israel China 2010
Restoration of Deteriorated Rivers – Benefits, Methodology, and Conditions for Success China 2010
Urban Waterfronts of Rivers – Planning Guidelines China 2010
Developing Tourism and Ecotourism Along Rivers – Theory, Potentials, and Planning GuidelinesChina 2010
Climate Change and the Global Water Crisis – Analysis and Innovative Solutions for Water Management, Drainage, and River RestorationChina 2010
The Alexander River Restoration Project 1995-2010 China 2010
International Opportunities and Collaboration in River Restoration – IRF, Riverprize and Twinning Projects China 2010
The Dying Lake - Burkina Faso, Africa China 2010
Israeli-Palestinian River Peace Park China 2010
River Restoration in times of Water Crisis Israel 2009
Sustainable Planning of Seashores Israel 2008
Twinning Projects - Lake Bam and Alexander River Australia 2007
Developing Ecotourism New Zealand 2006
The Alexander River as a Bridge between Israelis and Palestinians (Harvard University) USA 2006
The Future of Water and Rivers: Leadership and Co-operation Australia 2005
The Alexander River Restoration Project as a Bridge between Israelis and Palestinians - Keynote Speaker at the World Conference of Ecological Restoration (SER) Spain 2005
Restoration and Development of Degraded Lands in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas - Examples and Conclusions from Israel and Africa Spain 2005
The Alexander River Restoration Project USA 2005
Cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians Germany 2005
Lake Bam: Poverty and Water Burkina Faso 2005
Planning the largest Bedouin city in the world - How to plan with indigenous people and for them. Board of Directors of the Israel Land Authority Israel 2005
War or Peace? - The Alexander River Restoration Project as an Example of How Rivers Can Help Reduce Conflicts Between People. Australia 2004
Strategies, Tools and Tips for Successful River Restoration Projects" Australia 2004
"The Alexander River Restoration Project (UTS) Australia 2004
Restoration and Management of Degraded River Basins (IWA) Morocco 2004
Public Participation in Planning Australia 2003
Planning the Central Recycling Park in Israel Israel 2003
Planning workshop - How to plan a youth educational agriculture village for the new millennium. Workshop for 40 stakeholders Planners and Architects Israel 2003
Landfill Restoration - Hiriya the largest landfill in Israel (International workshop) Israel 2003
The Alexander River Restoration Project. Ciwem and River Restoration Centre (RRC) England 2000
The Future of the Agricultural land around the Mediterranean Turkey 1998