"Rahat - Planning the Largest Bedouin City in the World - Coexistence in the Middle East" 2011 ISOCARP Award for excellence (Strategic Planning Category).

The Alexander River - Won the 2003 ‘International Riverprize’ in what is considered to be the world's most important competition for river management and restoration, and also one of the world's most important environmental competitions, Brisbane, Australia (2003). In 2001 reached the final round of the competition; the Award for 'Realizing a Beautiful Israel', awarded by the Israeli President of and from The Council for a 'Beautiful Israel' (2001); first prize and outstanding distinction for "Unique Environmental Planning - Public Participation" from the Ministry of the Interior and the Union of Local Authorities in Israel (1998); the outstanding plan in the category of regional planning – from the Israel Association of Environmental Planning, the Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates of Technological Sciences in Israel, the Israel Association of Architects and Town Planners, and the Technion (1997); the Henry Ford Award from the Ministry of the Environment, in the category of Nature and Landscape Conservation and Unique Contribution to the Environment (1997).

General Prize – Chosen as "Man of the Year 1999" in architecture and town planning, by the journal "Mivnim".

Academic Awards – Twelve outstanding awards in the course of his B.A. and M.A. studies at the Technion, including the Israel Knesset (Parliament) Outstanding Student Award, the Technion President Outstanding Student Award (twice) and awards for various projects.
קבלת תעודת הוקרה עם סיום תפקידו של עמוס ברנדייס כיושב ראש איגוד המתכננים בישראל
ISOCARP Awards for Excellence
ISOCARP Awards for Excellence 2011
Receiving the 2003 International RiverPrize, Brisbane, Australia
2001 finalist of International Riverprize, Brisbane, Australia